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30th April 2019

Equity Crowdfunding – a naïve flutter or a wise addition to a portfolio?

Over 5 years, I have built up what I am told is a significant number of investments in start-up via the platforms and AngelNews has invited me to share some of the data and insights I gain as I continue my journey into the equity crowdfunding world. This article is by way of introduction and I look forward to sharing some reflections on at least a monthly basis.


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Dennis Tardan - 2019-05-01

James, I enjoyed reading your perspectives in your article and the only thing I would ask you to think about or revise to remove the word "young" before entrepreneurs. The Nobel Prize winning Physicists two years ago were both 72-years-old. Yes, the young get all the ink but we oldsters have plenty of innovation and runway, don't you think? I am in Austin, Texas and at 71 am having the best and most productive years of my life and have rebooted my television series, Reasonably Spontaneous Conversation, among other things. Glad to see that we both are still in the game, down to the final whistle! All my best to you and yours, James. Dennis

Louise Third MBE - 2019-05-02

Thanks James. A very honest and helpful review of your investor experience. In time, I hope you feel able to write a piece on the key characteristics of the (so far) successful entrepreneurs you are working with.How do they stand out from the also-rans?

Chris Barrett - 2019-05-02

I have great respect for James Murdoch's approach to equity crowdfunding. As here and in other forums, he shares his experience and is incredibly objective about his successes, failures and motivations for investing. Courtesy of his very broad portfolio approach, we can all learn something about the Crowdfunding markets and how they reflect innovation and opportunity in our society. Thanks for your ongoing contribution to the ecosystem!

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