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21st January 2020

20 Thoughts from 20 years of Angel Investing

Simon Blakey gives us the benefit of his 20 years experience as an Angel Investor.

1st January 2000: Y2K hadn’t happened (look it up…), the first boom was at its peak and I, as a young and naive 26 year-old, sat down in a Regus office in Hammersmith and said ‘right, I’m going to be a business angel investor’. With zero corporate finance experience and being about 30 years younger than the average angel investor at that time, it was a (very) fast learning experience.

Now, 20 years later, I have invested in over 35 companies in 75 funding rounds with eight profitable exits to date (with a similar number of failures) and am well ahead return-wise. I also have more experience than I had back then, but I am forever grateful to people such as Nitin and Milan Shah (founder of Pepe Jeans), James Gordon of Gordon Solicitors and Modwenna Rees-Mogg of AngelNews for their guidance and support in those initial years (and of course my amazing brother Michael, who I have angel invested with throughout this time under the Avonmore Developments umbrella).

20th January 2020

Accelerator/Incubator Funds: an opportunity for crowdfunding investors?

James Murdoch considers whether Accelerator/Incubator Funds are a good option for crowdfunding investors.

20th December 2019

Fresh ideas and new friends for 2020

During recent meetings with angel friends of mine, I discovered some common ground between them of  which I was previously unaware.  It seems that many angel investors are also pension fund trustees or at the very least have considerable experience of setting up pension funds on behalf of the staff of their own companies or perhaps those of their most successful investees.

16th December 2019

Insight with The AIC's December Investment Company Compass

The AIC's December edition of Compass looks at the election result, how the UK is the one to watch in 2020 and which investment company sectors were the stars of 2019.

11th December 2019

The investment model is broken says Consilience Ventures CEO

Kevin Monserrat of Consilience Ventures takes a critical look at the traditonal investment model.

11th December 2019

Saranac Partners gives its predictions for 2020

Robert Crowter-Jones, Head of Private Equity at Saranac Partners gives his market update and 2020 predictions.

11th December 2019

Are you the right person to join a start-up?

Sukhendu Pal looks at the motivations of joining a start up and considers how you can assess if you are the right 'fit' to work with a business in its earliest stages.

The most important question you need to ask yourself when joining a start-up is why. Some people do it because they hate their current jobs. Some people do it because they want to get rich. Others do it because it’s the cool thing to do. Ultimately, when you are looking to join a start-up you need to understand the real motivational factors behind your search, because if your reasons do not align with the opportunity, it is likely you will be neither happy nor successful.

Over the past three decades, Sukhendu has worked for couple of iconic start-ups, founded a successful start-up, and invested in more than a dozen start-ups in a personal capacity, and nearly a hundred start-ups in a professional capacity. Here he provides a practical guide that people wishing to join a start-up should consider when looking for the next could-be big thing.

10th December 2019

Sturgeon Ventures comments on new FCA regime

The Senior Managers & Certification Regime that has just come into effect is a positive step for the financial services industry – but its failure to include Appointed Representative Firms (ARFs) and their individuals is an oversight, according to Sturgeon Ventures, the regulatory incubator.

9th December 2019

What do the 2020s have in store for the regions' businesses and investment?

As we enter the final week of political campaigning for the upcoming general election, we could potentially enter the new decade with a new government. 

29th November 2019

Has Brexit made us forget SMEs?

With all the uncertainty around Brexit, and the General Election, business leaders can be forgiven for wanting to hang up their gloves and taking December off.

However, as we know, that is unfortunately not possible and while certain sectors might slow down as the holiday period approaches others particularly in the hospitality, food, drinks and gifts sector are ramping up to contend with the seasonal rush.

26th November 2019

On the 25th anniversary of VCTs Wealth Club examines VCT returns and looks to the future

Since they were launched in 1994, individual investors have ploughed an incredible £8.48 billion into VCTs, which have backed numerous companies that are now household names, including Zoopla, Secret Escapes, Monica Vinader, Everyman Cinemas, and Five Guys to name just a few.




As Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) celebrate the 25th anniversary of their announcement later this week, Alex Davies, CEO at Wealth Club examines the figures and assesses whether they have proved their worth.

26th November 2019

Funds: Where have all the SEIS flowers gone?

James Murdoch looks into his own portfolio and ponders the falling number of SEIS opportortunites compared to EIS investments. 

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