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20th May 2019

SEIS/EIS: great tax benefit democratised or too great administrative hassle and risk?


In his second article, James Murdoch considers the substantive advantages of SEIS/EIS for UK investors and whether the administrative aspects of these reduce some of the benefits or add to the risk of investing.


17th May 2019

The North is brimming with opportunity for investors

By Estelle Blanks,  Executive Director of the Innovation SuperNetwork

According to research by Beauhurst, UK businesses saw the highest levels of investment on record in 2017. Despite this, investment levels across the North East and Yorkshire fell dramatically (34% and 10% respectively). The data also shows that public sector backed investment fell across the country. But whilst other regions, including the North West – or Manchester specifically, compensated with private investment, this didn’t happen in Yorkshire or the North East. 

17th May 2019

Britain’s rich mull moving their wealth abroad over Corbyn fears

Rich Brits and wealthy international investors fear a Corbyn government more than Brexit, with an increasing number considering moving their wealth overseas.

This is the assessment of Nigel Green, founder and CEO of deVere Group, one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations with more than $12bn under advisement.

8th May 2019

Creating the Perfect Name For Your UK Startup

Naming your business is a key aspect that you should consider as an entrepreneur of launching your startup in the United Kingdom. 

3rd May 2019

Brexit results in one in four tech companies missing out on investment

23 per cent of London’s tech companies have experienced investors deferring investment decisions as a direct result of Brexit, according to new research released today by Tech London Advocates.

The private sector, independent network of 7,000 tech leaders, experts and investors, has released the findings of a new study into the impact of Brexit on London tech. The results show that access to capital and talent have both become more challenging in the past two years. 

30th April 2019

Equity Crowdfunding – a naïve flutter or a wise addition to a portfolio?

Over 5 years, I have built up what I am told is a significant number of investments in start-up via the platforms and AngelNews has invited me to share some of the data and insights I gain as I continue my journey into the equity crowdfunding world. This article is by way of introduction and I look forward to sharing some reflections on at least a monthly basis.

26th April 2019

Could training your brain with optical illusions be the key to business success?

By Hasna Haidar at Carphone Warehouse 

Whether you are a start-up owner or a business leader, your mind is the best tool you can use when creating your business empire.

No matter how much of your capital is directed towards personnel, marketing or attracting further investors, neglecting your mind can spell catastrophe. Which is why giving it challenges like optical illusions quizzes, difficult crosswords and strategy or problem-solving games might just be the secret key to business success.

18th April 2019

Fixing the female funding gap

Leah Hutcheon, founder and CEO of the Edinburgh-based software company, Appointedd, and former EIE participant, shares her experience as a female founder and offers advice to the ten female-led companies pitching on 24 April in Edinburgh.

16th April 2019

Alternative lenders must flex around SME funding needs, says IGF

There’s one thing we continue to hear from our SME customers right now and it might surprise you that it’s not ‘Brexit’. In fact, it’s ‘the future’. Despite the doom and gloom of Brexit causing concern for 90 percent of SMEs, the reality is that 2019 still holds a lot of opportunity for growth. As a result, many businesses are taking control and tackling these challenging times head on.

15th April 2019

What makes science and technology firms tick?

For investors, the need to know what occupiers want, where they want to be and what they need to thrive are crucial factors to help seek out areas where performance could be maximised. Saul Western, Partner, Capital Markets at Bidwells provides an in-depth insight into why the science and technology sector are the frontrunners for investment and what ultimately makes them tick.  

10th April 2019

Show me the money! What investors are looking for in a tech start-up


Ahead of EIE next month, one of the investor panellists, Deborah Magid of IBM Venture Capital Group, shares her thoughts about what catches an investor’s eye when it comes to tech start-ups.


10th April 2019

Invested Investor speaks to CRFS founder Alistair Massarella.

Invested Investor focuses on the co-founder of Cambridge based CRFS, Alistair Massarella.

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