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17th September 2019

Start-up Spotlight with entrepreneur Iris Barcia

This month’s Start-up Spotlight, in partnership with The Invested Investor, features an interview with entrepreneur Iris Barcia....

16th September 2019

Talking point: The EISA quarterly Zeitgeist discusses the question of risk

The EISA's Summer 2019 edition of Zeitgeist discusses the tricky question of risk and what it really means in relation to EIS investments.

13th September 2019

Blackfinch Ventures: top tips for start-ups seeking investment

Ventures Director at Blackfinch Ventures, Dr Reuben Wilcock, discusses his top-tips for start-ups seeking investment.

9th September 2019

How to create effective business operations without bureaucracy

Stefano Maifreni, Founder of Eggcelerate, a B2B growth experts for British SMEs, shares his insights on how small comapnies can operate effectively without needing to have layers of bureaucracy slowing them down.

4th September 2019

Holiday reflections: adventures in equity crowdfunding

By James Murdoch

I had not planned to write an article in the holiday month of August, but time for reflection has given me the impetus to highlight my key conclusions. These have perhaps been partially buried in detail of my first 4 articles; I have been so determined that my articles should be based on analysis of my wide portfolio that the description of portfolio, process and data may have have given the foundation but not sufficiently emphasised the messages emerging.

3rd September 2019

Investing in unquoted compaines: the closed-end case

Recent events have illustrated that the closed-ended structure of investment companies is particularly well suited to investing in unquoted companies.


30th August 2019

Brexit has not dampened EIS opportunity – yet


Last week the Digital Economy Council hit headlines with what was, in many respects, a good news story. In the first seven months of the year, UK tech received a record-breaking £5.5bn of foreign investment. There is no doubt some investors will have been enticed by the cheaper pound, but even so the figures are positive and reassuring – particularly when you consider that foreign investment in the rest of the economy is actually falling.


29th August 2019

SMEs look for reassurance from Boris Johnson after G7

This weekend saw the world's leaders come together to discuss a number of problems facing the planet, from fires in the Amazon rainforest to global economic instability. But while the Prime Minister attended this global meeting, SMEs are continuing to thrive and grow.

28th August 2019

Dr Kerstin Braun comments on the Yuan at its weakest level since 2008


Dr Kerstin Braun, President of Stenn Group, a global provider of trade finance, comments on the Yuan at its weakest level since 2008


27th August 2019

Warning for investors: Hopes for a Brexit deal are offset by escalating trade war

A Brexit deal now appears more likely than a U.S.-China trade de-escalation - but global financial markets are still to remain volatile in the near term, meaning investors should revise their portfolios.

27th August 2019

Secrets of a successful crowdfunding campaign

Whilst most of us are no strangers to the concept of crowdfunding, what most people don’t know is how to create a successful campaign that hits your funding target! Founder and CEO of Tropicfeel, Alberto Espinos shares his wisdom. 

12th August 2019

Investors to move assets out of UK as economy ‘stumbles towards abyss’, says deVere CEO

A growing number ofUK and global investors will move their assets overseas as Britain stumbles towards an economic abyss, affirms the boss of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations.

The observation from Nigel Green, founder and chief executive of deVere Group, which has $12bn under advisement, comes as it is revealed that the UK economy shrank in the second quarter – the first time in seven years.

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